Billing And Coding

Billing And Coding

More and more people are becoming interested in knowing what is medical billing and coding for various reasons. Some are simply curious because it is a process that involves sharing personal and confidential information that should have been mainly between the health care provider and the patient, so basically, their inquiry is hinged on a need to reassure themselves that medical billing and coding is safe for them. Others are curious about it because they are interested in minimizing their paperwork since the traditional method of medical billing ate a lot of the health care providers time and was relatively slow due to the tediousness of the medical billing process. While a few are interested because they are thinking about a career as a medical biller and coder. Either way, the point is a lot of people want to learn more about medical billing and coding.

What is medical billing and coding?

Before we go into the complete meaning of medical billing and coding, it is best to tackle first, what the two concepts, medical billing and medical coding, which are part and parcel of the billing process, mean. Let us find out, shall we?
Medical billing is the filing of a payment claim from a health insurance provider for the services rendered to the patient by the health care provider. The old method of billing patients was time-consuming, tedious and a general nuisance for most health care providers, insurance companies and patients. Due to this method, some claims have collected dust waiting for approval or rejection, while others have been lost through time. Fortunately, the advancements in science and technology have devised an ingenious method to make medical billing more convenient for everyone. Nowadays, medical billing is electronic billing. Computers are utilized to increase the ease and convenience of medical billing. All the necessary information pertaining to the medical bill like the patient’s name, identification number, services availed, and the costs are recorded. This is where medical coding comes in.
Simply put, medical coding is when the descriptions of the services rendered to the patient by the health care provider are assigned a numerical code. This process is actually quite complicated because of the number coding and because insurance companies may vary in their codes and there are certain laws that govern this process. The codes are an important part of the billing process.

So, what is medical billing and coding?

Medical billing and coding, simply put is the process of sending and checking up on the claims to health insurance companies so that health care providers get compensated for their services to the patient. The people involved in medical billing and coding are the health service provider and the health insurance company. The medical billing and coding are all under one process which is the electronic billing process. The billing process has saved a lot of time, which could be spent on more fruitful and helpful endeavours, for all the people involved.

Last Words On Medical Billing And Coding

Medical billing and coding is an ingenious idea. They are effective and time-efficient. It allows health care providers to spend more time giving service to their patients rather than wasting their time on tedious paperwork. However, nothing is perfect, and the electronic billing process is not an exception. You should exercise caution when dealing with medical billing and coding because very important information which when used badly can cause serious damage to your life may be stolen. As a consequence, you may lose your identity so, be careful! Choose wisely!