Ways to Choose the Right Medical Transcription Company

Ways to Choose the Right Medical Transcription Company
July 5, 2018 No Comments Medical Transcription Andrew Stephens

Nowadays, most medical entities and healthcare organizations depend on medical transcription services. Medical transcription has become a requisite for facilities that are struggling with patient care and back office work. Outsourcing the work helps them to focus better on patient care and other important tasks. The increase in demand for medical transcription services has led to significant growth in the number of service providers. So when choosing a medical transcription company, it’s important to go by some tips.

Factors to consider in choosing a medical transcription company

If you are looking to outsource medical transcription tasks, consider the following points to choose the right company.

Experience: One of the important factors to consider is the experience of the firm. A company with several years of experience and a satisfied clientele is the best choice.

Quality of service: Even a single mistake in a medical transcript can cost a life. So accuracy is a very important factor in medical documentation. Reliable firms have highly skilled medical transcriptionists who are well versed in medical terminology and different accents to provide accurate transcripts for various medical specialities. Stringent quality checks also help to ensure 99 per cent accuracy in transcribed documents. They would also use advanced technology and software to ensure quality transcripts.

Confidentiality of records: Another major thing to worry is whether the medical records are kept in a highly confidential and secure manner. Medical documents and records are of sensitive nature and meant for viewing only by the patient and the doctor. Disclosing these records to a third party may lead to misuse of these records. So it is necessary to partner with a service provider that adheres to HIPAA guidelines. That is the best way to make sure your files are handled in a secure and confidential manner.

Cost-effective: Another factor you have to be concerned about is pricing. Outsourcing must save you money. Reliable service providers offer services that can help you to save 30 to 40 percent on your costs.

Minimum turnaround time: Timely and accurate documentation is necessary for efficient treatment and prompt reimbursement. A competent medical transcription company can provide services in minimum or custom turnaround time.

Some of the important benefits gained by partnering with a reliable service provider are:

99 percent accuracy
Confidentiality of medical records
Flexible dictation methods – digital dictation and toll-free numbers
Document management flow system
Secure web-based file transfer
Customized EMR solutions

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